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hydrobur-service, llc, manufacturer of downhole drilling equipment
  • About Company

    At Hydrobur-service we offer a broad portfolio of downhole drilling tools to optimize drilling for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

    We develop, manufacture and market a wide range of downhole tools to address the most complex challenges of steering a well and to provide high performance drilling and trajectory control.

    The company invests into research, development and manufacturing of its own innovative and cost-effective technology products, which forms the basis of our competitive advantage. Our in-house engineering team pushes the boundaries to design, improve and deliver new patented PDM power sections, double-acting hydraulic drilling jars, fishing jars, circulation subs, weight-on-bit tools and other drilling tools for today’s cost-conscious market.


    • Equipment Sales
    • Equipment Rentals
    • Drilling Jar Placement
    • Testing & Repair


    • Positive Displacement Mud Motors (PDM)
    • Double-Acting Hydraulic Drilling Jars
    • Hydraulic Fishing Jars
    • Multiple Activation Bypass Systems
    • Weight-on-Bit Tool (WOBT)

    Hydrobur-service today:

    • Highly-skilled personnel – 250
    • Manufacturing facilities – 8500 sq.m.
    • Machines – 52
    • PDM rental capacity – 500
    • Jar rental capacity – 270
    • 2 service centers

    Hydrobur-service passed a successful evaluation of its quality manual and an on-site audit of its facilities and processes and obtained an API Monogram License from American Petroleum Institute in January 2020 (License # 7-1-1514).

    Hydrobur-service is one of the leading oil-and-gas equipment manufacturers in Russia. The company was founded in 2003 and joined NewTech Services Holding Limited in 2011.

  • Positive Displacement Mud Motors


    Extend Run Time. Enhance Performance.


    • Adjustable
    • Fixed


    • Standard
    • Even Wall
    • HMR Composite


    • Oil and gas production and exploration wells
    • Vertical, directional & horizontal drilling
    • Sidetrack drilling
    • Workover operations


    • Drilling mud density up to 2000 kg/m3
    • Maximum bottom hole temperature up to 120°C
    • Maximum sand content up to 1%


    • Oil-based muds (OBM)
    • Maximum bottom hole temperature up to 160°C
    • Saline muds >50 000 ppm
  • Jar Systems


    Drill Safer. Prevent Lost in Hole.


    The Hydrobur-service jar is designed to free a drilling tool stuck in a hole by jarring against the stuck point.

    Our drilling jar is a double acting hydraulic jar designed for use during drilling operations to apply an intensified force against a stuck portion of the drill string by jarring either up or down.

    Our fishing jar is a hydraulic jar designed to free a stuck portion of the drill string by applying an impact force during fishing operations by jarring up and delivering upward impact force with a higher frequency than a drilling jar due to a faster recharge.

    Our double acting hydraulic drilling jars and hydraulic fishing jars have a set of featured standardized assembly components that allow for the assembly of either of the models while manufacturing.


    • Simple, robust and dual-use design
    • One set of spare parts and accessories
    • Drilling or fishing assembly manufacturing depending on operational needs and requirements
    • Order-to-shipment time saving

    Drilling Jar Application

    • Vertical drilling
    • Directional drilling
    • Horizontal drilling

    Fishing Jar Application

    • Fishing operations
    • Remedial services
  • Auxiliary Equipment


    Optimize Performance. Maximize Efficiency.

    Multiple Activation Bypass Systems

    Our patented circulating sub is designed to protect the downstream BHA components by directing the flow from the inside of the drill string to the annulus while circulation.

    Weight-on-Bit Tool

    Our patented Weight-on-Bit Tool is designed to ensure even axial load, to prevent shock and vibration. It does not create any differential pressure, thus, causing no overpressure to mud pumps.

    Drilling Shock Tools

    Our drilling shock tool reduces direct impact on the drill bit, vibration in the BHA and harmonics in the drill string while drilling. A robust mechanism lessens vibrations and extends bit life.


    Our dump valve allows the mud to fill or drain from the drill string while tripping. Dump valve is made up above the positive displacement motor.

    Our float valve is designed to avoid flow of drilling fluid from the annulus to the drill string via BHA elements. Float valve is made up above the positive displacement mud motor.


    Our downhole filters are protective mechanisms that are installed above positive displacement mud motors to prevent PDM from clogging up with debris.

  • Facilities

    Plant in Perm, Russia

    • Manufacturing Facilities – 8500 sq.m.
    • High-Precision Machines – 52
    • PDM Tester
    • Jar Tester
    • Non-Destructive Testing Lab


    Stator Injection Moulding Machine DESMA

    Stator coating quality is ensured by best-in-class stator injection moulding machinery.

    Two Station Spray Rig

    • Automated 2-station spray rig is unique for Russia

    Best-in-Class Engineering

    • Elastomer Analysis
    • Precise Rotor Contouring and Elastomer Coating for Any Drilling Parameters


    PDM performance and reliability is highly dependent on the excellence in the point radius milling of multi-lobe rotors and stator cores.

    High-Precision Machine by Weingartner Maschinenbau (Austria)

    • Machine capacity – up to 120 power sections per month

    Service Center in Nizhnevartovsk, Russia

    • Facility - 1 800 sq.m.
    • Breakout Units - 2
    • Jar Tester
    • Valve Tester
    • Lathe Machine
    • Non-Destructive Testing Lab

    Service Center in Almtyevsk, Russia

    • Facility – 1500 sq.m.
    • Breakout Unit
    • Lathe Machine
    • Valve Tester
    • Non-Destructive Testing Lab
  • Milestones


    API Monogram License


    In-house rotor and stator cores manufacturing


    In-house power section relining and repair technologies complete a full PDM production cycle

    • Designed HJDA 203, 240 mm double-acting hydraulic drilling jars, Ø 203, 240 mm shock absorbers and Ø 170mm circulation subs
    • Designed HJDA Ø 203,240 mm double-acting hydraulic jars Ø 170 мм


    Expanding manufacturing facilities

    • In-house production of Ø 178,240 mm power sections in lengths exceeding 5,000 mm
    • A service center opened in Nizhnevartovsk (Russia)


    New manufacturing facilities

    New products:

    • HJDA Series double-acting hydraulic drilling jars Ø 105, 120,170 mm
    • Ø 106, 120 mm circulation subs WOBT Ø 120 mm


    Company became a fully owned subsidiary of NewTech Services Holding Limited

    • Ø 95, 106, 120 mm ERT power sections are commercialized
    • A service center opened in Almetyevsk, Russia
    • Ø 105 mm double-acting hydraulic jar was designed


    Commercialization of DShOTR Series PDM

    • ERT power sections under development


    Company founded

    • DShOTR Series PDM under development
  • Resources


    High ROP and drilling performance achieved during field trial

    Successful Field Trial Deployment of a New Power Section Manufactured by Hydrobur-service

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