Drilling Tools

hydrobur-service, llc, manufacturer of downhole drilling equipment

Hydrobur-service LLC (based in Perm, Russia) is a subsidiary of NewTech Services Holding Limited. Hydrobur-service LLC designs, manufactures, sells and leases out bottom-hole equipment for drilling operations and provides services to drilling and service companies.

  • Technologies & Benefits

    Hydrobur-service LLC is an expert in manufacturing positive displacement mud motors with even rubber thickness (ERT) stators.

    ERT (equal rubber thickness) motor power section, also known as even wall power section, is the section which contains the stator with an elastomer insert of a uniform thickness.

    Hydrobur-service LLC manufacture
  • Services

    • Rental of PDM, drilling jars and other downhole equipment;
    • Provision of drilling jar placement analysis services;
    • Repair, relining, redress and inspection of PDM and drilling jars upon return after rental period.
  • Engineering Team

    Engineering team developing new equipment and tools is an integral part of the manufacturing process in Perm. New double-acting hydraulic drilling jars, circulation subs, weight-on-bit tools are being developed and manufactured in the Perm facilities.

  • Equipment Product Range

    • Positive Displacement Mud Motors (PDM);
    • Double-acting hydraulic drilling jars;
    • Check/Overflow valves;
    • Standard and even-wall power sections for PDM;
    • Circulation subs;
    • Weight-On-Bit Tool (WOBT);
    • Oscillators;
    • Shock absorbers;
    • Bearing sections with fixed and adjustable bend housing;
    • Double-acting hydraulic drilling jars.

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