The Hydrobur-service PDM series DShOTR-120.7/8.44 with a new power section confirmed high reliability and performance by reaching extended circulating hours and increased ROP.

Hydrobur-service, LLC is a dynamic manufacturing subsidiary of NewTech Services Holding Limited. The company joined the NewTech Services Group in 2011.

Hydrobur-service designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of drilling tools and provides equipment rental, testing and repair services for over 15 years.

The NewTech Services and Hydrobur-service joint operations proved high skills of our crews and high equipment reliability:

- Well #X3 Achimovskoe field:

- Circulating Hours - 253 hrs

- Measured Depth – 1191 m (3252-3690 m; 3297-4050 m)

- ROP – actual 21 m/hr vs 9,6 m/hr planned.

- Well #X8 Komsomolskoe field:

- Circulating Hours – 226 hrs

- Measured Depth - 1150 m (1551 -2702 m)

- ROP – actual 12,1 m/hr vs 9,6 m/hr planned.

The new power section was engineered in March 2019 and now the fleet of the enhanced power sections reaches up to 60 PDMs.