The Hydrobur-service PDM series DShOTR-178.7/8.62.4 has successfully been tested in 3 wells in Priobskoe field between July 14, 2019 and August 09, 2019.

The goal of the field trial was to reduce the well construction cycle and achieve maximum ROP by the enhanced drilling parameters such as weight on bit up to 20 tons and flow rates up to 45 l/sec.

The following operating parameters have been obtained while these field trials:

ROP per trip: actual ROP - 88,7 m/hr (max ROP 94,9 m/hr), vs planned ROP - 70 m/hr.
Daily measured depth: AVG MD - 1152 m, MAX MD -1203 m.

Once again the Hydrobur-service PDM series DShOTR-178.7/8.62.4 proved their high reliability and performance.