Quality Control

Goals and Objectives

The Quality Management System adopted in NewTech Services is aimed primarily at ensuring and sustaining the high level of service quality that would meet Customer requirements and expectations and further strengthen our leading positions among similar service providers.

NewTech Services is seeking to achieve the above goal using all organizational, technical, and economic levers affecting the quality of our services.

In pursuit of the said goal the NewTech Services’ Quality Management System and Policy sets the following key objectives:

  • Ensuring the required quality level`s and control processes and procedures are implemented;
  • Identifying the requirements and ensuring the commitment to providing services ensuring the best cost and quality balance with due account of Customer expectations;
  • Prevent any noncompliance with Customer requirements throughout the full process of service provision under the Contract;
  • Minimize the costs incurred in connection with provision of substandard component parts, assets, and materials, reworks, in-process losses, facility operation safety, and warranties;
  • Rationalise use of labor and financial resources.

Core Principles

The NewTech Services’ Quality Management System is based upon the following core principles:
  • Consistency and mutual alignment of the corporate organization structure and that of the Quality Management System; uniform operational management;
  • Clear delineation of powers and responsibilities in each segment of business operations impacting quality assurance;
  • Senior management responsibility for compliance with the corporate QA and QC Policy, organization and general supervision of the service quality assurance efforts;
  • Integrated accounting of all factors and conditions impacting the quality of services; a consistent approach to establishing management processes at all levels from senior managers to on-site service providers and at all stages from work planning, mobilization, and performance to work evaluation;
  • Provide priority to quality assurance operations, estimate the cost incurred in such operations with due account of economic feasibility;
  • Documenting the service quality assurance and quality management procedures;
  • Understanding of the Quality Management System provisions and the effectiveness of its use by all Company employees.
  • The NewTech Services’ Quality Management System is based on:
    • Understanding of and maintaining compliance with its provisions;
    • Addressing each process from the perspective of added value;
    • Achieving the results of the processes and their viability;
    • Continued improvement of the processes based on objective measurements.