In December 2020 experts from Certification Association “Russian Register” conducted re-assessment audit of The Service Quality Management System of Hydrobur-service, one of the major Russian oil and gas equipment manufacturers.

Hydrobur-service, LLC is a dynamic manufacturing subsidiary of NewTech Services Holding Limited. The company joined the NewTech Services Group in 2011. Hydrobur-service successfully confirmed its compliance to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The ISO 9001 Certificate has been issued for three years for the equipment design, manufacturing, supply, rentals, testing and repair services.

Hydrobur-service continuously proves its ISO certifications. The company has the Service Quality Management in place and strictly follows the standards. Technical requirements, product/service quality trainings, maintenance systems, and other processes aim to ensure consistent delivery of high quality products and services to the Customers at all levels within the organization.

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