Seismic Equipment

NewTech Services is the exclusive distributor of unique new-generation seismic survey equipment manufactured by GTI in Russia and CIS countries.

  • Manufacturing

    Geophysical Technology, Inc. (GTI) ( produces unique next generation seismic equipment.

  • Software



    Software that delivers efficiency and safety in seismic project execution.

    NuSeis ™ NRU 1C ™

    • Wireless seismic recording system
      • Receivers of global satellite navigation systems: GPS, Glonass, Galileo
      • High-speed seismic data download using the TransferJetTM technology
      • Bright LED indicators
      • Power-saving Bluetooth communications
      • 10 A-h Li-Ion battery with power draw below 100 mW
      • Monitoring of sensor and node statuses
      • 100 ppb high-precision clock
      • 24-bit Delta-Sigma converter
      • Built-in high-sensitivity geophone or an optional external connector
    Photo NuSeis ™ NRU 1C

    ADS V3

    • A system for automated deployment and bural of NRU 1C ™ recording module
    Photo ADS V3
    • Automator V2 Q2 2016
      • 35-second static deployment cycle, stores 48 nodes before recharging, deployment only.
    • Automator V3 Q4 2016
      • 15-second static deployment cycle, stores 160 nodes before recharging, deployment only.