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  • Drill Bits & Services

    NewTech Services is a leading drill bit manufacturer and service provider in Russia. The company’s Drill Bit & Services has highly trained service and product specialists to address the most challenging drilling environment. These specialists integrate reservoir knowledge, customer requirements, and the industry’s leading software to maximize bit design and performance.

  • PDC Drill Bits


    The optimized hydraulic bit series is an application enhancing program that combines hydraulic requirements along with cutting structure needs to design an application specific bit.

    Unique features are apparent with webbed blades, curved nozzles, and engineered junk slot designs. Combining the two technologies CFD and the cutting structure design has led to breakthrough designs for the industry that are original. New records are being set every day with this type of bits.


    • Vertical, directional, horizontal, and tangent wells
    • For soft to hard formation applications
    • For all rotary, directional motor, and RSS applications

    Features /Benefits

    • Curved nozzles reduce the stream impact to the formation eliminating erosion and increasing bit stability in soft to medium formations
    • Webbed blades reduce cuttings recirculation to other junk slot areas, eliminating the regrinding of cuttings
    • Application-specific cutting structures and bit blade/junk slot designs to match formation requirements for cuttings removal and ROP
    • Better cleaning and cutter cooling leads to extended bit life by reducing plugged nozzles, core outs and bit balling
    • Unique junk slot geometry improves cleaning efficiency for higher cuttings volume


    This series PDC bits are specially designed for extended-reach wells with a high dog leg severity.

    The extended reach line of PDC bits delivers smooth torque, advanced directional control, excellent well bore quality, and dynamic stability to meet the challenge of any directional application.


    A new series of the PDC bits was developed to create a new, more balanced profile, with greater stability to overcome the ROP and durability challenges of drilling transition zones and abrasive formations. The abrasive formation series enables drilling into densely interbedded soft to hard formations with transition zones without experiencing a significant vibration and changes in drilling parameters.


    This series of the matrix bits with Diamond Impregnated HIP segments drill faster and last longer through hard and abrasive formations. The design is particularly effective in less consolidated sandstones or when drilling from a softer formation into a harder and more abrasive formation. FUSION represents optimal drilling performance in very challenging formations.


    Key diamond attributes can be enhanced to better match the demanding drilling needs. By selecting the diamond blend that best suits the need, the cutter will stay sharper, longer. The precision of the cutter attributes becomes increasingly important to overall bit performance where thermal damage, abrasion, and impact are present.

    New Approach Defining PDC Cutter Properties

    NewTech Servies is now using four main attributes to define its latest cutters.

    • Abrasion Resistance measured by cutting granite (VTL wet)
    • Thermal Stability measured by heating cutters in controlled conditions to give first cracks (VTL dry)
    • Crack Propagation Energy required to generate a crack in the diamond table
    • First Crack Energy required for cracks to propagate across the cutter

    Application Matching — Cutter Technology

    We match Cutter Type to the field by defining the typical bit dull and cutter failures, modelling the rock drilled, defining well profile, BHA and drilling parameters. Providing the cutter with the right attributes will give the bit the best chance of success. Knowing which cutter attribute to focus on ensures the bit is properly equipped.

    The innovative cutter methodology matches the right diamond and the right cutter shape to maximize cutting efficiency and eliminate risks by identifying cutting structure, rock characteristics, RPM, WOB, mud weight and BHA drive type (RSS / PDM).

    Cutter Type 1

    Leading edge geometry creates a stress point in the formation to pre-fracture the rock. Application is hard formation with heavy transitions, such as cherty formations.

    Cutter Type 2

    A sharp-edged cutter to pre-fracture the rock as a backup or secondary cutter. Increased drilling efficiency gives higher ROP at lower energy levels.

    Cutter Type 3

    Latest shaped cutter increases drilling efficiency by fracturing and shearing rock.

    Cutter Type 4

    A concave shaped cutter allows reducing the cutting angle — up to negative values. This feature allows to design extremely aggressive cutting structure.

  • Software

    NewTech Services is fully equipped with the software suite designed to enhance the engineers' ability to develop drill bits for specific applications.

  • Manufacturing

    NewTech Services is a leading manufacturer of matrix and steel-body PDC drill bits in Russia. PDC drill bits have been manufactured using globally competitive technology since 2012 in Kurgan.

    The plant is equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits.


  • Milestones


    New Capacities

    • Expanding Manufacturing. Kurgan, Russia. 1800 Bits / Year



    • Matrix and Steel Body PDC Drill Bits in Kurgan, Russia


    New Product Line

    • Drill Bits and Services

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