Directional Drilling Services

NewTech Services offers directional drilling, measurements and logging while drilling services using the company's own equipment as well as geosteering services.

NewTech Directional Drilling Companies:

  • Measurements While Drilling

    • The Frontier MWD mud-pulse MWD telemetry system includes a gamma-ray logging module and is manufactured in Houston, TX (USA) in sizes ranging from 89 mm to 240 mm.
    • The EM MWD telemetry systems are manufactured by TekhGeoBur, LLC in Samara (Russia) in sizes ranging from 178 mm to 203 mm.

    MWD equipment is maintained, repaired and calibrated in Repair & Maintenance Service Centers located in Russia, Serbia, Venezuela and USA.

    Directional Drilling
  • Logging While Drilling

      The company uses own logging while drilling tools:

    • Remote Measurement Systems Limited (a subsidiary of NewTech Services Holding Limited) supplies MFPWR (Multiple Frequency Propagation Wave Resistivity), a dual-frequency (400 kHz and 2 MHz) resistivity tool, designed to provide wireline quality resistivity measurement while drilling. The tool can operate in oil- and water-based muds.
    • Integrated Porosity, acoustic Caliper and Density sub adds neutron porosity and litho-density measurements to the company LWD platform. This capability enables extended formation evaluation measurements from a single additional sensor sub. The Neutron/Density sub is a cost-competitive, reliable formation evaluation logging tool that provides the basic functionality for customers to deliver “Triple Combo” services. When used in combination with natural gamma and resistivity logs, the logs produced by these new sensors provide a timely and useful estimate of the porosity and water saturation for each reservoir formation, typically before significant invasion.
  • Rotary-Steerable System

      A new rotary steerable system (RSS) is being engineered by Wolverine Oilfield Technology, a subsidiary of NewTech Services Holding Limited. The new RSS will optimize drilling performance and directional control. Full and continuous rotation will reduce stick & slip risks, will increase ROP and the quality of wellbore cleanout.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturing

    • MWD spare parts – SMS Precision Tech, LLC (Houston TX, USA);
    • Electromagnetic MWD systems – TekhGeoBur, LLC (Samara, Russia);
    • Drilling tools – Hydrobur-service, LLC (Perm, Russia);
    • Wave propagation resistivity logging tools and turbine generators power pack for MWD/LWD systems – Remote Measurement Systems Limited (Aberdeen, UK);
    • High-speed mud-pulse telemetry system and LWD (Neutron Density), RSS equipment, dynamic inclination tools (R-Nav) – Wolverine Oilfield Technology, LLC (Houston TX, USA).
  • Directional Drilling Remote Monitoring and Control Center

    To increase our commitment to service quality, Directional Drilling Remote Monitoring and Control Center was set up in Tyumen to monitor and support operations in real time by transmitting data via satellite communication links and allowing full access to data acquisition computers used by the field engineers.

    Directional Drilling Remote Monitoring and Control Center


    • One data and management center to support drilling operations;
    • Well trajectory design, engineering and simulations;
    • 24x7 real-time monitoring and technical support;
    • Streamlining the decision-making process for drilling operations.

    Directional Drilling Remote Monitoring and Control Center

    Track Record

    • Drilling horizontal sections of more than 1,000 m long with PDMs;
    • Drilling vertical wells of more than 4,500 m MD;
    • Cement plug kick-offs and open-hole kick-offs;
    • SAGD projects (wells placement within a 5-m spacing);
    • Drilling through catastrophic mud loss zones to more than 3,000 m MD;
    • Directional drilling with high dog leg severities (more than 5 deg./10 m).