Integrated Project Management

  • Integrated Project Management

    Integrated project management refers to operations facilitating overall management of the well construction project including planning and execution.

    The practice of involving a management company allows our customers to run strategic projects. The cost of such services will be commensurated with the level of responsibility and the quality of the work performed.

    Integrated Project Management (IPM) is a functional combination of all services that can be legally packaged as a prime contract either on turn-key or Cost+ basis.

  • Integrated Services

    Integrated services are activities aimed at improving the quality of well construction.

    In addition to assuming all supervisory functions, the service provider will also coordinate the work of well construction contractors, perform quality checks and monitor the service contractor scope. This option is used when there are separate services. It expands the range of the service provider's capacities and responsibilities concerning engineering and process-related decision-making in the course of well construction. The service provider will be liable for downtimes, crew idle times and material consumption rate in the course of work. Round-the-clock attendance of the drilling site by highly skilled personnel will be required.

  • Construction Supervision

    Includes project-level construction supervision, monitoring of compliance with industrial and occupational safety rules applicable to well construction activities and monitoring of material consumption rates at the rig floor.

  • Supervising

    The supervisor manages the immediate work onsite, holds briefing sessions, approves work plans, allocates the scope of work and monitors work progress.

    As a rule, a manager will be required in addition to the field personnel to manage the work and maintain ongoing communication with the customer at senior expert level. The manager is present at operational meetings, reviews contractor work, submits work optimization proposals, advises on engineering and technology solutions, quality improvement activities and well construction efficiency. This relieves the burden on the company's management significantly as current management issues are resolved promptly onsite.

  • Engineering

    This area includes activities pertaining to conceptual project studies, reviews of past drilled wells, optimum well design choices, bidding and contractor selection, designing drilling/testing/completion programs, developing the internal standards and other supporting documents.