The NewTech Services officials were active participants of the 11th Russian Oil and Gas Congress held June 25-27, 2013 in Moscow. The Company Executive Vice-President V.V. Bessel made a presentation entitled “Production Paradoxes or Does it Make Sense to Spend Money on Drilling?”, which triggered an interesting discussion in the audience. Participation in the Oil and Gas’2013 Exhibition On June 25 through 28, 2013, the 12th International OIL & GAS Exhibition was held in Moscow, where NewTech Services exhibited its oil and gas equipment used to service well construction operations, including: - Drilling bits - Downhole drilling motors - MWD Telemetric systems Rate of Penetration Record per Well Set on the East WS of the Orenburg Oil and Gas Field. NewTech Services achieved record high rate of penetration per well on the East WS of the Orenburg Oil and Gas Field using its own bits and downhole drilling motors.