NewTech Services drill bits department specialists while working on the project at one of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District fields successfully worked out a new series of PDC bits with a modified diamond cutter geometry.
Geologic modelling engineering department built a strength model of the drilled area using the Geoscience software package in order to increase the rate of bit penetration in the dense clay section of section 152.4 mm. Based on the model results, the design department has developed an innovative diamond geometry for the PDC cutting structure called “SCOOP”. This series of incisors has a concave shape due to which there is a sharper cutting angle and a more efficient cleaning of the cuttings occurs. The use of this technology has significantly increased the average rate of SMEs per section (more than 30%). Specialists of the department and representatives of the customer note the high potential for development in this direction, which in the end will give the opportunity to reduce the time of well construction during the drilling of heterogeneous reservoirs of all types.