January 2022, Moscow – Pursuing the goals of the program aimed at localization in the oil and gas industry, Varel NTS produces its own matrix and steel body PDC drill bits. A worldwide distribution network of the drill bits proves their high quality and compliance with the internationally recognized industry standards.

Today the Varel NTS PDC drill bits made in Russia are imported by Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Brunei, Korea, USA, China, Poland, Great Britain, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Congo, Japan, Oman.

Varel NTS is a joint venture enterprise founded by an oilfield services company NewTech Services Holding Limited (NewTech Services) and Varel Energy Solutions (Varel International), holding a strong market position in drill bits manufacturing.

Shortly after in 2012, the companies established a manufacturing plant that has become a full production cycle facility certified to produce premium quality matrix and steel-body polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits. The joint venture establishment and further construction of the Varel NTS Plant meet the strategic goals of the program that was launched in Russia and aimed at the import substitution and localization of equipment for the oil and gas industry.

The manufacturing plant is licensed under the API Monogram Program by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and therefore is given the authority to apply the API Monogram registered mark to its equipment. The presence of this mark confirms the enterprise quality management system complies with the requirements of API Spec Q1® that is known as a specification for quality management system requirements for manufacturing organizations for the petroleum and natural gas industry. With the API certification, the plant pushes new frontiers as a Russia-based manufacturer and enters international markets.

Due to its high quality, the company’s products meet an increasing demand both in the domestic market and abroad: the equipment is exported to the European, Asian and Middle East countries.

The successful construction and launching of the plant contributed to the implementation of the import substitution and localization program and allowed increasing the workload of the allied industries across the country ad to create new high-tech jobs.

About Varel NTS

Varel NTS is a joint venture between the international oilfield services company, NewTech Services Holding Limited, and one of the world leading drill bit manufacturers, Varel Energy Solutions (Varel International). Varel NTS plant pioneered PDC drill bit manufacturing in Russia and claims to be a leading manufacturer of matrix and steel body PDC drill bits in Russia and CIS since 2012.

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