October 2022, Moscow – NewTech Services received the maximum scores and became the best Russian MWD service provider. The Winner Award Ceremony was held on October 27, 20221, at the Moscow InterContinental Hotel at the annual conference "Oilfield Services in Russia" (NEFTEGAZSERVICE - 2022).

NewTech Services offers directional drilling, measurements, and logging while drilling services using the company’s own equipment as well as geosteering services. NewTech Services offers a complete proprietary technology set for horizontal drilling to optimize drilling performance and directional control, increase ROP, improve wellbore stability and hole quality, optimize well placement and reservoir exposure for maximum production at lower cost while drilling.

The "TEK-Rating" Agency conducts annual surveys among the key oil and gas operating companies to evaluate their suppliers. The main aim of such surveys is to identify the best manufacturers and service providers. A distinctive feature of the ratings is a direct survey among the key consumers. The final score is given based on the official responses from the largest customer companies, without any specially selected jury. All this minimizes the role of the subjective factor in evaluating suppliers.

The TEK ratings are available at www.tek-r.ru

Pictured Sergey Shevchenko, Vice-President, NewTech Services Group