February, 2022, Moscow – By manufacturing a 5000 swell packer in December 2021, Frontier RU, a subsidiary of NewTech Services Holding Limited, confirms the successful implementation of the import substitution and localization program.

NewTech Services launched the swell packer manufacturing within the Hydrobur-service downhole tools manufacturing facility in 2018 in Perm, Russia. A full production completion tools manufacturing facility opened its doors in March 2020 and now Frontier RU is one of the leading manufacturer of well completion tools and deploys best manufacturing practices for swell packers, liner hanger packers, multi-stage fracturing systems and other completion equipment, as well as R&D and design validation testing practices. A 5000 swell packer manufactured by Frontier RU in December 2021 became another milestone and achievement.

The Frontier RU swell packers are manufactured by using application specific elastomer which is molded, thermally cured, and glued (vulcanized) to the base pipe. Back-up (anti-extrusion) rings are integrated into the design to keep the elastomer element in place.

Customized swelling elements especially designed and manufactured to suit a particular set of field conditions. The Frontier RU laboratory develops and tests the customized elastomers upon customers’ request. Thorough testing, validation, and factory acceptance-check system ensure all products meet the highest customer requirements.

The Frontier RU swell packers meet the V3 design-validation grades by test-acceptance criteria. Success of an elastomer-based field application depends on various factors: selection of swell packers that are appropriate for a given set of field conditions; improvement of sealing design and manufacture; assessment of seal integrity. All this is ensured by the capabilities of the manufacturing facility in Perm.

The unique storage facility provides the best climate control for the rubber compounds to preserve their best quality to meet the exact field requirements of the customers on time and on target depth.

Frontier RU steadily ramps up production. The factory proves to be a leading producer of the best-in-class quality swell packers meeting the highest customer requirements for any field conditions.

About Frontier RU

Frontier RU (Frontier Oil Tools in Russia) is a subsidiary of NewTech Services Holding Limited, an international oilfield services company founded in 2009.

Frontier RU manufactures and provides technology products comprising single, dual and multistage completions; open-hole and cased-hole well completion products, such as packers, safety valves, multi-stage fracturing and expandable systems.