Frontier Oil Tools, a subsidiary of NewTech Services Holding Limited, has pushed new frontiers in the service range provision in the USA market by diversifying from the reliable completion systems manufacturer and supplier to a reliable service provider.

The Frontier Oil Tools fully composite frac plug was deployed in North America for a customer requiring an easily milled frac plug with manageable particle size which would also be a one-plug design. As a result, a total of 26 Plugs (5-1/2”) were deployed and successfully milled. Multiple Ball configurations were utilized to reduce fluids pumped.

The deployment of the Frontier Oil Tools immediate open toe valve is another successful case of completion service provision for a customer requiring an a reliable and accurate shear valve. The Immediate Open Toe Valve (5-1/2”) was set up and opened within 1,29 psi of calculated shear valve. The Toe Value has a large ID that allows standard Cementation Equipment to be utilized.

More details:


Fully Composite Frac Plug, pdf, 326 kb


Immediate Opening Toe Valve, pdf, 245 kb