Houston, TX – Wolverine Oilfield Technologies has successfully completed the first field run of its Litho Neutron Density Caliper (LNDC) Tool alongside the NeutrinoTM Ultra High Speed Telemetry System and its QuantumDB Logging Analytics Platform.

The LNDC Tool successfully logged Apparent Density, PE Near/Far, and Caliper Imaging and provided accurate porosity and bulk density measurements. NeutrinoTM Ultra High Speed Telemetry ensured data transmission ranging between 1.5 and 4-5 bits/sec. The LWD/MWD data was processed by the QuantumDB Logging Analytics Platform. The field trial also proved the safe loading and offloading of nuclear sources.

The commercialization of a new LWD/MWD suite during 2020 will permit operators to achieve the ultimate goal of an accurate reservoir evaluation and well placement at an optimized cost.

“Our Research & Development Team achieved ambitious goals on our first test well and met our objectives in developing some industry-leading technologies which will allow for a step-change in the oilfield landscape,” commented Bryan Gonsoulin, President, Wolverine Oilfield Technologies.

About Wolverine Oilfield Technologies

Wolverine Oilfield Technologies is a subsidiary of NewTech Services Holding Limited specializing in LWD/MWD/RSS technology products. Research, development & manufacturing of its own technology products is the basis of the company’s competitive advantage.