Directional Drilling

Through its subsidiaries, NewTech Services Group offers directional drilling services including telemetry support, logging while drilling using company`s own equipment and geological support of horizontal well drilling operations.

Companies in the Directional Drilling Division:

  • Measurements While Drilling Services

    Drilling Telemetry Support

    • The Frontier MWD mud pulse telemetry system includes a gamma logging module and is manufactured in Houston, TX (USA) in a variety of sizes ranging from 89 mm to 240 mm.
    • TechGeoBur LLC manufactures electromagnetic telemetry systems in Samara (Russia) in sizes varying from 178 mm to 203 mm.

    All telemetry systems come with a Measurement Device Approval Certificate issued by the Russian Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

    Maintenance, repair and verification of telemetry equipment are performed at the Laboratory and Engineering Complex in Nizhnevartovsk, Russia.

    Geological Surveys While Drilling

    The company relies on proprietary instruments for logging while drilling:

    • A geonavigation resistivity meter is a unique azimuthal electrical LWD laterolog capable of telling the direction of approaching formation boundaries in real time.
    • Remote Measurement Systems Limited (a subsidiary of NewTech Services Group) supplies MFPWR (Multiple Frequency Propagation Wave Resistivity), a dual-frequency (400 kHz and 2 MHz) resistivity meter designed for real-time geonavigation and geophysical survey. The instrument is compatible with all mud types.

    Geological support and Petrophysics

    Services provided by the geological drilling support department include arbitrary-complexity wellbore geonavigation and petrochemical interpretation of LWD data for directional wells I drilled by the Company or third-party service providers. Our competitive advantages include:

    • State-of-the-art software working with customer-supplied 3D surface models, facilitating geonavigation across multiple key wells and enabling interpretation of azimuthal data;
    • Azimuthal resistivity LWD;
    • Experts with MSc in geophysics and PhD in engineering with an extensive geonavigation experience worldwide;
    • Data transmission from the drilling site and 24x7 delivery of interpretation results to the customer.
  • Line-of-Business OEM Supplier Locations

    • OEM for telemetry system components — SMS Precision Tech, LLC (Houston TX, USA)
    • OEM for mud-pulse telemetry systems — Frontier MWD Services, LLC (Houston TX, USA)
    • OEM for electromagnetic telemetry systems - TechGeoBur, LLC (Samara, Russia)
    • OEM for drilling equipment — Hydrobur-servis, LLC (Perm, Russia)
    • OEM for electromagnetic resistivity instruments (resistivity meters) and power supply units for small footprint telemetry systems — Remote Measurement Systems Limited (Aberdeen, UK)
    • OEM for high-speed telemetry pulser, high-speed mud-pulse telemetry system and LWD equipment Wolverine Oilfield Technology, LLC (Houston TX, USA)
  • The Directional Drilling Remote Monitoring & Control Center

    To maintain our continious commitment to service quality, the Directional Drilling Remote Monitoring and Control Center was set up at Tyumen to monitor and support activities in real time by transferring data via satellite communications link and enabling full access to data acquisition computers used by field crews.

    Key Objectives & Benefits:

    • Well path design, engineering calculations and simulations
    • 24/7 real-time monitoring and technical support
    • Streamlining the decision-making procedure for drilling activities
    • Creating a unified information space for drilling management
  • Experience & Achievements

    • Using bottomhole screw motors to drill horizontal sections more than 1000 m long;
    • Drilling vertical wells to more than 4500 m MD Shearing on cement plugs and in open-hole wells;
    • Drilling for viscous oil with boreholes spaced 5 m apart;
    • Using a combined telemetry system (electromagnetic and mud-pulse links) for deep drilling to eliminate the need for extra RIH/POOH operations;
    • Drilling through catastrophic absorption zones to more than 3000 m MD;
    • Directional drilling with rapid changes in deviation (more than 5°/10 m).