Drilling Tools & Remedial Services

NewTech Services provide a wide range of well construction problem prevention and remedial solution equipment and services.

Our core manufacturing facility located in Noyabrsk (Russia) is fitted out with a complete range of manufacturing and maintenance equipment.

  • We follow Russian and international industrial standards closely in our work. Our experts have a successful track record of corrective preventative maintenance and milling services, in addition to whipstock installation, well abandonment and casing string cutting in offshore projects.
  • Personnel and equipment are available to the customer on a 24x7 basis.
  • We have the personnel equipment and resources to handle more than 6 continuous ongoing operations simultaneously.
  • We can manufacture bespoke equipment to fit non-standard requirements withing the shortest time possible.
  • Fishing Service

    Rental and process support services for fishing tool for wellbore diameters ranging from 4 ‘/2" (114.3 mm) to 42" (1066.8 mm):

    • Series 150 releasable overshot
    • Series 70 releasable overshot
    • Bell sockets
    • Type ITCO releasable spear
    • Retrieval taps for couplings
    • Taper taps
    • Safety joints
    • Hydraulic fishing jar
    • Hydraulic fishing intensifiers
    • Lubricated bumper subs
    • Surface jar
    • Fishing magnets
    • Standard-type drilling junk catchers
    • Reverse circulating junk baskets
    • Impression blocks
    • Casing swages
    • Milling equipment
    • Borehole pipe magnets and ditch magnets
    • Casing scrapers
    • Side-door overshots
    • Reversible tools
    • External pipe cutters
    • Internal hydraulic pipe cutters
    • Rotary spears
  • Milling Operations

    • Tubing milling and removal of bottomhole metal debris
    • Production packer milling and retrieval

    Our experts analyze source data on the well carefully to create milling equipment designs.

    One of the first milling services in Russia was the milling of a Ø 426 mm surface casing string for the P-2 well in the Kruzensternovskoye field with a NewTech Services’ string mill

    Operation metrics

    • Total milling time of a Ø 426 mm casing, 237.5 hr (9.9 days)
    • Removed by milling - 435 m casing string.
    • Average milling speed, 1.83 m/hr (43.95 m/d).
    • Maximum milling speed - 5.0 m/hr.
  • Plug & abandonment of well

    • P&A Well abandonment
    • Casing string cutting (including offshore subsea opplications)
    • Wellhead setup

    It takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to cut the 20” и 30” casing strings.

  • Advanced Technologies and Equipment

    Фотография раздела Буровое оборудование

    Optimizing drilling perfomance

    • Using modern software and building on insights from regional operational statistics, experts at NewTech Services analyze the drill string assembly and advise on performance improvement options.
    Фотография раздела Буровое оборудование

    Rentals of drillstring perfomance-optimising bottomhole assembly components

    • 165 mm and 121 mm OSCILLATORS
      • Enable a significant boost in the drilling speed by reducing the drill string friction force during sliding. Enable full weight transfer to the bit without friction losses on wellbore walls, improving bit controllability.
    • DUAL-ACTION HYDRAULIC DRILLING JARS 105 mm, 121 mm , 165 mm, 203 mm
      • Are intended for use in high-inclination, high-friction wells and withstand high bottomhole temperatures (up to 200°C).
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    Handling multi lateral well drilling projects

    Multi Lateral drilling soloutions enables the reduction in the number of regular wells drilled by improving the drained surface area of the pay zone.

    • The use of Multi Lateral wells to drill into oil-bearing formations enables:
      • Improve oil well production yields by maximizing permeability area;
      • Improve reservoir recovery rates;
      • Open low-yield fields with poor reservoir permeability or highly viscous oil for commercial production.
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      Wellbore reaming services

      • Bore Hole enlargement tools manufactured from highest-strength and grade of alloy steels (SAE 5140 or similar grades).
      • Reamer diameters:
        • From 4 ½” (114 mm)
        • To 42” (1066.8 mm)

      Reamers are made from a high-grade alloy in accordance with NS-1TM standards (Quality Control Requirements for New and Refurbished Drilling Equipment, Completion Equipment).

      Reamers were designed by experts at NewTech Services in view of global experience in drilling of wells of varying complexity.

      Фотография раздела Буровое оборудование

      Sidetracking solutions

      • Hydraulically anchored and mechanical anchored whipstock systems
        • Are intended for cutting a window in the casing string and kicking off sidetracks.
        • Hydraulically anchored whipstocks can be used to kick off sidetracks without cementing or setting against false-bottom devices in wellbores with zenith angles up to 90°.