Drilling Tools

Hydrobur-service, LLC based in Perm, is a wholly owned subsidiary of NewTech Services Group and providing the manufacturer of downhole drilling equipment.

Equipment Product Range

  • positive displacement motors (PDM);
  • standard and even-wall power sections for PDM;
  • dual-action hydraulic drill jars;
  • check/overflow valves;
  • circulation subs;
  • weight on bit tool (WBT);
  • shock absorbers.


  • rental of PDM, drilling jars and other downhole equipment;
  • repair, redress and inspection of PDM and drilling jars upon return after rental period;
  • provision of drilling jar placement analysis services.
  • Technologies & Benefits

    Hydrobur-service, LLC speciatises in the manufacturing of motors with even-wall power sections.

    • Benefits of power section with even-wall design
      • stator tooth is made more rigid, with improved contact seal between the stator and rotor, reduced volumetric losses in power section. It resulted in 50-100% higher torque delivered by the downhole motor;
      • a thin layer of stator elastic coating makes rubber cooling more efficient to extend service life of both stator coating and the whole downhole motor;
      • a thin layer of stator elastic coating provides stable power performance of the motor regardless of bottomhole temperature.
    • Company's operations are certified for the compliance of quality management systems with the ISO 9001- 2015 international standard.