Drill Bits & Services

NewTech Services is a leading manufacturer of PDC drill bits in Russia and CIS countries and neighboring countries.

PDC drill bits are manufactured using globally competitive technology since 2012 at the Varel NTS plant in Kurgan in partnership with Varel International.

The plant boasts state-of-the-art machinery and manufacturing equipment turning out synthetic diamond core bits. The plant is sized for a manufacturing capacity of 1800 bits per year.

  • PDC Drill Bits

    VOYAGER Series

    Voyager series PDS bits are specially designed for extended-reach drilling with rapidly changing deviation parameters.

    Benefits of the Voyager series include smooth rock-cutting modes ensuring predictable countertorque perfomance, easier directional drilling, wellbore normalization and a dynamic balancing of the drill bit.

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    RAIDER Series

    A new series of Raider bits was developed to match increased rotation speeds of today`s heavy-duty downhole screw motors along with high axial loads experienced when drilling into hard rock sections. The Raider series enables drilling into densely interbedded rock of varying hardness without experiencing significant vibration or upsetting drilling conditions.

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    FUSION Series

    Offering a choice of bit materials and designs to match subsurface structure properties, diamond-impregnated Fusion and Fusion+ matrix bits withstand complex geological conditions and will penetrate solid abrasive rock faster while sustaining for longer.

    Hot isostatically pressed (HIP) segments flush with the matrix body protect the cutting structure. Enhanced durability is a prominent feature of these bits.

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  • Software

    Thanks to its extensive software assets, NewTech Services is fully equipped to run drill bit selection simulations and develop new designs in-house.


    When designing a new PDC bit, the first step is to evaluate the rock for its physical and mechanical properties. The Geoscience software suite enables geological interpretation of geophysical logging data that translates into strength and abrasivity computations for the section being drilled into. After obtaining a quantitative estimate of the interval's strength, a Geoscience expert will also compare drilling parameters, analyze geological anomalies and assess the associated bit wear.

    As a result the engineering team will be able to identify intervals of varying drillability and use this knowledge to make correct design decisions for future drill bit projects. Geoscience requires a log dataset in the Jas format as input. As a minimum, acoustic, nuclear and density logs are necessary. The nuclear log package must contain both gamma and neutron logs.


    The SPOT software suite is used to perform PDC bit structure simulations with the goal of matching the design to particular drilling conditions. Engineers working on new bit designs will seek an optimum balance of speed, durability and controllability in view of design goals and geological survey data processed in Geoscience software. SPOT software relies on tried and tested mathematical algorithms to ensure that multiple factors and design options are properly accounted for. The final design is validated using a simulation of the drilling process. This step ensures that the configuration is tailored exactly to design goals.


    The final stage of PDC bit design involves hydrodynamic simulation. With CFD software, mud discharge ports can be arranged in an optimum pattern to ensure effective removal of cuttings from the bit and rock face. In addition, CFD enables engineers to analyze specific mud flow modes to detect abrasion-prone spots or stagnant mud zones and then optimize and re—test the configuration to ensure that problems are dealt with satisfactorily.

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  • Manufacturing

    PDC drill bits are manufactured using globally competitive technology since 2012 at the Varel NTS plant in Kurgan in partnership with Varel International.

  • Services

    In addition to its reputation as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of quality drill bits, NewTech Services has an excellent track record on the oil and gas service market as a provider of engineering services utilizing its own equipment. The engineering service includes:

    • Evaluation of the field geology using specialized software
    • Designing customized drill bit run programs, including identification of the drill bit design best suited to Customer’s specific geological and geotechnical conditions
    • Continued supply of drill bits to the Customer
    • Round the clock engineering support of the operation by qualified engineering personnel
    • Drafting an analytical report on the services provided with the conclusions on and suggestions for improving operating efficiency
  • Roller Cone Bits

    HIGH ENERGY Series

    High Energy™ - TCI roller cone bits with sealed bearing. High Energy™ bits were refined and enhanced to add durability and drilling rate to withstand applications where the bit weight and rotary speed are at the high end of the spectrum delivering better performance in these critical operating parameter applications. Engineers developed a bearing system to support higher loads which resulted in a more robust and tighter tolerance journal bearing.

    High Energy™ ranging from 190,5 mm (7 ½”) to 349,25mm (13 ¾”).

    COMPASS Series

    Compass® Engineered with application specific technology the Compass® bits provide excellent steerability and high rates of penetration even in limited WOB applications. The bearing provides reliable performance in deep hole, long reach sections where increased temperatures and motor RPM’s are commonly encountered.

    Compass® ranging from 114,3 mm (4 ½”) to 171,5mm (6 ¾”).

    DURATECH Series

    DuraTech™ builds on the advancements of the High Energy product line and incorporates the changes in a steel tooth bit product line. With the ability to operate at the extremes of operating parameters, DuraTech™ delivers higher ROP, extended bit life, and increased footage drilled.

    DuraTech™ ranging from 95,3mm (3 3/4'”) to 349,25mm (13 ¾”).

    EVEREST Series

    Varel raises the performance standard for large diameter drilling with the industry’s toughest, most innovative family of roller cone bits – Everest™ series.

    New DC30 Hardfacing Technology specifications now allow for double the hardfacing application to the critical areas of a steel tooth bit's cutting structure. This produces a bit with a more durable, longer-lasting cutting structure. Strategic placement of patented tungsten carbide microshields on critical areas of the bit shirttail makes EdgeGuard protection the next-generation solution for high-performance wear mitigation. In abrasive formations, EdgeGuard provides a significant advantage over hardfacing and tungsten carbide inserts (TCI).

    Everest bits ranging from 14-3/4" to 45" which is the largest range of sizes including an industry-leading 45" steel tooth bit.

    TARGET Series

    Target® HDD Technologies – new TCI roller cone product line for drilling directional and horizontal wells. All Target® bits are with FULL COVERAGE CUTTERS (FC) and equipped with patented tungsten carbide microshields EdgeGuard as a shirttail protection.

    Target® ranging from 133.4 mm (5 ¼”) – 165,1mm (6 ½”), also available in 311,1mm (12 ¼”) and 444.5mm (17 ½”).

    SLIP-STREAM Series

    SlipStream RC Pro – Patent pending hybrid roller cone technology to drill frac plugs with both a steel tooth and TCI cutting structure utilized on the bit. The steel teeth attack the composite material usually found in the center of a frac plug and the tungsten carbide inserts on the gauge area of the bit are for the cast iron and ceramic slips found in frac plugs.

    Reduced cone offset provides a chipping and crushing drilling action. Fully capped premium hardmetal teeth are short and closely spaced to generate small cuttings and provide a robust and highly durable cutting structure for drilling composite plug material and other downhole equipment.

    SlipStream RC ranging 95.3 mm, 114.3 mm and 117.5 mm.