November 2020, West Siberia, Russia – In 2020,  NewTech Services has successfully completed the field runs of its Neutrino™ Ultra High Speed Telemetry System alongside the Multiple Frequency Propagation Wave Resistivity MFPWR® 4 ¾” in Russia.

The NeutrinoTM Ultra High Speed Telemetry was run in conjunction with the MFPWR Resistivity® in 3 out of 6 successful trial jobs with a total of 786 circulating hours. The NeutrinoTM ensured real time inclination, azimuth, and resistivity data transmission at 4 bit/sec providing continuous signal ranging between 95% and 98%.

The LWD/MWD data was processed by the specialized logging, importing, and interpreting MWD/LWD software.

The new Ultra High Speed Telemetry System Neutrino™ allows real-time downlinking by adjusting the pump output depending on drilling parameters and environments.

High transmission rates will allow transferring large data volumes from complex LWD assemblies (Triple Combo LWD) from NewTech Services, while maintaining the required data density. This will ensure accurate formation evaluation and high precision steering to maintain the optimal well trajectory.


Neutrino™ Successful Field Trials in Russia – Proprietary Ultra High Speed Telemetry System, pdf, 403 KB